J. Carroll Corcoran
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Gotham City Council (formerly)
Voiced by: Steven Weber

"I figure if Gordon can have his hero, why can't I have mine?"

J. Carroll Corcoran was a Gotham City councilman.


Hoping to earn votes in his reelection bid, Councilman Corcoran endorsed the new vigilante "The Judge". Corcoran presented himself as a decent, law & order leader to boost popularity. Some considered him to have an unorthodox method of crime fighting by approving of the Judge, to which Corcoran just retorted that Commissioner Gordon approved of Batman's vigilantism. But he even went further: Corcoran illegally provided the Judge with police files and other information of some of Batman's high-profile rogues. Corcoran only cared about polls, reducing crime or doing his duty to protect the lives and property of Gotham's citizens. With more rogues being dealt with by the Judge, the more Corcoran's popularity grew.

Batman went to him to find the Judge, but Corcoran would not budge. The Judge did everything the people of Gotham wanted: hitting the big criminals hard. Corcoran also defended his view by pointing out the poor security at Arkham Asylum that kept letting the criminals escape.

Two-Face especially didn't like the prospect of being hunted when Corcoran had hinted that he'd be next on the Judge's list. So instead, he and Manny kidnapped him in the City Hall's parking lot. At the court house, Two-Face grilled Corcoran for information, but he knew nothing. With no use left for Corcoran, Two-Face ordered Manny and Mo to kill him. Corcoran tried to bargain his way out with $100,000 he had as a slush fund, but Two-Face declined. Corcoran tried the same trick on Manny and Mo, but they refused too. As they were about to shoot him, the Judge showed up.

Corcoran hoped to be rescued, but he was wrong. After Manny and Mo were taken out, the Judge confronted the councilman with his crooked nature. Since having a slush fund constitutes as theft, the Judge prepared to kill Corcoran.
Corcoran shame

Corcoran left embarrassed for endorsing a dangerous criminal.

His attempt to weasel himself out of it didn't help either. As he was about to strike, Batman arrived. In the fight, a wild swash of the Judge's sword cut loose Corcoran's bonds. When the Judge was defeated, Corcoran pleaded for Batman's help. The whole affair would be bad for his reelection, especially if news of his slush fund came out. Unfortunately, it was too late. Batman unmasked the Judge and revealed him to be Two-Face. At that moment, police and press arrived on the scene. The kickbacks and endorsement of a dangerous criminal forced Corcoran to abandon his reelection bid.


The New Batman Adventures

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