Batgirl regards the Jade Gato with annoyance.

"It's supposed to have powerful mystical properties — brings good luck, long life, the usual. Oh, and it is worth three million bucks."

The Jade Gato was a jade statuette of a cat with magical properties and a high market value.


Catwoman claimed to have spent three years tracking it down and three more figuring out how to steal it, but Batgirl quickly caught up with her. The Gato was reputed to bring long life and good luck — properties Batgirl found dubious as she hung one-handed from a building, hanging onto it with her other hand. When she fell, the statue suddenly transformed her into a cat in midair and vanished, leaving an oblivious Catwoman to take her in as a stray. Soon thereafter, though, the effects wore off, and Catwoman found Batgirl lying in her lap with the Jade Gato.

Curiously, not only was the Gato's transformation unusual — Catwoman commented that she'd never seen a cat with her coloring — but it seemed to stretch somewhat beyond physical bounds. While her cat form, Batgirl's thoughts and behavior appeared genuinely catlike, down to enjoying having her ears scratched by Catwoman.


Gotham Girls

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