King Cobra
Species: Human/Splicer
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Green
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Abel Cuvier
Abilities: Enhanced abilities induced by splicing (formerly)
Voiced by: Timothy Dang

"Nobody can stop splicing! It's the future whether you stinking scared norms like it or not!"

King Cobra was one of Abel Cuvier's splicers.


King Cobra was a friend of Ramrod's, and together they acted as Cuvier's muscle. He sent them and Tigress to the home of District Attorney Sam Young, who wanted to outlaw splicing. Cobra entered the premises through the chimney, and constrained Young while Ramrod and Tigress fought off Barbara Gordon. They were stopped by Batman, who easily defeated them, but was injected with bat DNA by Cuvier, and as he transformed, the splicers made their getaway, figuring the bat would finish the job.

Cuvier wasn't pleased, and with the police on their tail, they had to hide elsewhere. Though the police could not find them, Batman could, but because Tigress could smell him, the splicers were prepared. Cobra got the drop on Batman and managed to bit him in the shoulder. After a short fight, Batman managed to hit Cobra with an antidote pellet.

Following Cuvier's defeat, Cobra and the other splicers were arrested.

Powers and abilities

As a result of the added snake DNA, King Cobra had enhanced senses, sharp fangs, and was able of contorting his body.


Batman Beyond

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