Species: Atlantean
Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Aquaman (distant descendant)
Orm (distant descendant)
Arthur Jr. (distant descendant)
Aquagirl (distant descendant)
Base: Atlantis
Affiliations: Atlantis
Weaponry: Mystical trident

"The Old Ones nearly destroyed humanity as they prepared the way for the most powerful of their number, the Great Icthultu."
"But King Poseidon gambled that they could be stopped.
Dr. Fate and Aquaman

King Poseidon was the first king of the drowned Atlantis.


King Poseidon ruled Atlantis around the point the Old Ones came. Knowing he could not defeat them alone, he drew all of the mystical energy in the world and forged it into a trident. He managed to defeat the Old Ones and the most powerful among them, Icthultu. But because he had taken all the mystic energy, he also drained the power that kept Atlantis afloat. His city drowned.

Many years later, Poseidon's trident helped Aquaman and the Justice League defeat Icthultu once again.

Background information

Though Poseidon shares his name with the Greek god Poseidon, he is not clearly identified as such.


Justice League

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