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The title of this article is conjectural.
This subject has no canonical name in the DCAU. Please see the reasons in the section below.

King Vulture

Shayera fights a King Vulture.

The King Vulture was a robotic bird that once troubled the Blackhawks.


During the war and for decades after, the Blackhawks stored many artifacts in their Victory Museum on Blackhawk Island. These included giant robotic vultures, that were repurposed as part of the island's defenses. When Shayera Hol, the Flash and Fire approached the island, they were welcomed by two. They managed to shoot down the first one with the Javelin's weapons, but the second one turned open the jet's roof. Shayera fought it off with her mace, but needed the help of Fire and Chuck Sirianni to destroy it.

Background information

The depicted subject bears the likeness of King Vulture from the DC Comics; however, the DCAU item was never named on-screen, or otherwise. The title of this article is conjecture based on the item's likeness. The King Vultures first appeared in Blackhawk #142 (November 1959), and were part of an army of robotic birds created by the villain King Condor. Though it is unknown whether these robots were King Condor's as well, his costume does appear in the Museum's hallway.


Justice League Unlimited

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