Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Formerly Project Firestorm
Voiced by: Peter Gallagher

Kurt was a renegade government operative.


As one of the agents involved in Project Firestorm, Kurt and Volcana had been long acquaintances. Neither liked the other, and when the project was closed down, she vanished. Kurt was intent on finding her.

When Volcana came to Metropolis and started a crime spree, Kurt was alerted by one of his associates. Via her fence, Donnie, he quickly tracked her down. He had her put down with fire retardant and took her to a secret underground facility.

As Volcana could no longer be trusted to do government work, Kurt instead opted to sell her to a foreign government who wanted to "study" her. At that moment, Superman intervened. As his goons held off the Man of Steel, Kurt escaped. Volcana broke out and went after the rogue operative. She had him cornered and threatened to burn him alive. Superman interrupted, but Volcana had her way anyway. She set off a fire near gas tanks. With nowhere to hide, Kurt was seemingly killed in the explosion.


Superman: The Animated Series

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