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LexCorp tower

LexCorp tower in Metropolis.

LexCorp was a group of multinational corporations that were owned and controlled by Lex Luthor.


LexCorp was headquartered in Metropolis, and military contracts seemed to be one of the company's main foci. LexCorp military technologies have included the Lexo-Skel Suit 5000,[1] and another prototype battlesuit,[2] eventually used by the hero Steel.[3]

Luthor once said that nearly two thirds of the citizens of Metropolis work for him whether they know it or not, suggesting LexCorp held more businesses than was widely known.[4]

Luthor was eventually caught and convicted for his numerous criminal activities.[5] During his incarceration, LexCorp was headed by Mercy Graves. Mercy took a more cavalier approach to management, pointedly ignoring Luthor's style and laying off employees (such as Professor Ivo) to save money; by the next time she and Luthor met, she had managed to raise the stock 38%.[6] After he was pardoned by the President during the Justice Lords incident,[7] Luthor regained control of LexCorp. The LexCorp Tower in Metropolis was destroyed by Brainiac when he had his spaceship take off from inside the building, destroying the upper half of the tower. The company's status following Luthor's arrest after the Cadmus Crisis is unknown.[8]

Known employees


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