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The following is a list of actors who have appeared in both the DCAU and in the later series Beware the Batman.

Actor/Actress DCAU Role(s) Beware the Batman Role(s)
Adam Baldwin Jonah Hex, Bonk, Hal Jordan, Rick Flagg, Jr., York, Sven Metamorpho
Brian George Parasite, Forian, JazzmanSamir, JacePadu Banjahri, Morgan Edge, Mr. President Professor Pyg
Carlos Ferro Mario, Radocko Police Commissioner, Officer Rodriguez
CCH Pounder News Anchor, Mayor, Amanda Waller, Juice,
Old Lady
Mayor Grange
Cree Summer Maxine Gibson, Natasha Irons, Rainsong, Tigress, Tayko, Dottie, Skye Hoaps, Candide, Tina Todd Bethany Ravencroft
Christopher McDonald Jor-El, Superman (The Call) Harvey Dent/ Two-Face
Dee Bradley Baker Monster, Blockbuster, Sunny Jim, Woof Mutant Ninjas
Finola Hughes Lara Sul-Van Lady Shiva
Grey DeLisle Servant Girl #2, Dominique De Fleures, Dominique, Newscaster,
Andrea Donoso, Darlene, Downpour, Shifter
Magpie/Margaret Sorrow
Ian James Corlett Lowe Joe Braxton
James Arnold Taylor Speedwarp William Benjamin, Officer Dunbrowski
James Remar Hawkman, Manhunters, Katar Hol Silver Monkey
Jason Marsden Spunky Spencer, Young Clark Kent, Snapper Carr, Gear Young Bruce Wayne
Kurtwood Smith James Bennet James Gordon
Laraine Newman Baby-Doll, Toby Raynes, Mrs. Price, Marion O'Keefe, Medusa, Themis Diner Owner
Robin Atkin Downes Gentleman Ghost Deathstroke, Man-Bat
Tara Strong Batgirl, Miss Solstice, Christine, Elizabeth Styles,
Macy, Vega, Sera, Queen, Johnny, Caitlin O'Shaugnessy-Ruiz
Barbara Gordon
Udo Kier Music Master Mister Toad
Xander Berkeley Corey Mills, Dr. Childes, General Brak Paul Kirk

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