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The following is a list of actors who have appeared in both the DCAU and in the various video games based on the DC Comics universe.

N.B. This list does not include video games based directly on the DCAU, such as Batman: Vengeance, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu or Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, or games based on other animated series that have their own shared actor list.

Actor/Actress Game Role(s) DCAU Role(s)
Adam Baldwin Injustice: Gods Among Us: Hal Jordan, Exo-Suit
DC Universe Online: Superman
York, Jonah Hex, Bonk, Sven, Hal Jordan
Adrienne Barbeau Batman: Arkham Asylum: Dr. Gretchen Whistler Catwoman, Martha Wayne, Renee Montoya
Arleen Sorkin Batman: Arkham Asylum: Harley Quinn
DC Universe Online: Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn, Bambi
Armando Valdes-Kennedy Batman: Arkham Origins: Bane Thug Pudge
Bumper Robinson Batman: Arkham Origins: S.W.A.T. Officer D-Struct, Slipstream, Royce Axelrod, Chainlink
Carl Lumbly Injustice: Gods Among Us: Martian Manhunter Mayor of Metropolis, Alterus, Stalker, J'onn J'onzz
CCH Pounder Batman: Arkham Origins: Amanda Waller Amanda Waller, Juice
Chris Cox Batman: Arkham Asylum: Guard Eddie Burlow, Masked Orderly #2, Masked Guard #3
Batman: Arkham City: Eddie Burlow, Deadshot
Batman: Arkham Origins: Deadshot
Point Man, Captain Atom, Shining Knight, Aztek
Corey Burton Batman: Arkham City: Hugo Strange
DC Universe Online: Brainiac
Brainiac; Various
Cree Summer Batman: Arkham Asylum: Dr. Penelope Young
Max Gibson, Natasha Irons, Rainsong, Tigress, Tayko, Dottie, Skye Hoaps, Candide, Tina Todd
Dee Bradley Baker Batman: Arkham City: Ra's al Ghul, Wonder City Announcer
Batman: Arkham Knight: Ra's al Ghul, Warden Ranken
Sunny Jim, Tubo, Blockbuster, Monster
George Dzundza Batman: Arkham Asylum: Blackgate Thug #1 G. Carl Francis, Thomas Jackson, Ventriloquist, Scarface, Chubb, Judge, Perry White, Gregory Belson
George Newbern Injustice 2: Superman Superman
Gina Torres DC Universe Online: Wonder Woman Vixen
Grey DeLisle Batman: Arkham City: Catwoman, Vicki Vale, Martha Wayne, Dr. Stacy Baker
Batman: Arkham Origins: Vicki Vale
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Catwoman, Power Ring
Batman: Arkham Knight: Catwoman
Injustice 2: Catwoman, Alura Zor-El
Darlene, Downpour, Shifter, Dominique De Fleures, Andrea Donoso
Jeffrey Combs Injustice 2: Brainiac Scarecrow
Jennifer Hale Injustice: Gods Among Us: Hawkgirl, Killer Frost
Batman: Arkham Knight: Nyssa Raatko
Giganta, Killer Frost, Dora Smithy
Jim Meskimen Batman: Arkham City: Sgt. Tom Miller
Batman: Arkham Origins: S.W.A.T. Officer
Janitor, Knight
Jon Polito Batman: Arkham Origins: Commissioner Gillian Loeb Major
Josh Keaton Batman: Arkham Origins: Robin Young Michael Stromwell
Keith Szarabajka Batman: Arkham Knight: Firefighter Daniell, Firefighter Scott, The Order Bracelet Kobra, Rodin Krick
Kevin Conroy Batman: Arkham Asylum: Batman, Thomas Wayne
Batman: Arkham City: Batman, Hush
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Batman
Batman: Arkham Knight: Batman, Hush
DC Universe Online: Batman
Injustice 2: Batman
Batman, Joe Chill, Thomas Wayne, Batman (duplicant), Batman (Justice Lord), Crimson Avenger, Commander Steel, Atom-Smasher
Khary Payton Batman: Arkham City: Azrael, Officer Jon Forrester
Batman: Arkham Origins: Killer Croc, Martin Joseph
Batman: Arkham Knight: Azrael
Injustice 2: Cyborg
Kimberly Brooks Batman: Arkham Asylum: Oracle, Young Bruce Wayne, Dr. Sara Cassidy
Batman: Arkham City: Oracle, Officer Anne Bishop
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Batgirl
Puff, Kathy Duquesne, Madelyn Spaulding
Loren Lester Batman: Arkham Knight: Dr. Kirk Langstrom / Man-Bat Nightwing
Marc Worden Batman: Arkham Knight: Deacon Blackfire Scab, Parasite, Slam
Mark Hamill Batman: Arkham Asylum: The Joker, Scarface, Cop #2
Batman: Arkham City The Joker
DC Universe Online: Joker
Batman: Arkham Knight: The Joker
Ferris Boyle, Joker, Numbers, Carter, Solomon Grundy, Trickster
Mark Rolston Batman: Arkham Origins: Deathstroke
Batman: Arkham Knight: Deathstroke
Firefly, Don, Carl
Masasa Moyo Batman: Arkham Origins: Candy Beautiful Woman
Maurice LaMarche Batman: Arkham City: Mr. Freeze, Calendar Man, Political Prisoner
Batman: Arkham Origins: Mr. Freeze
Batman: Arkham Knight: Mr. Freeze
Michael Gough Batman: Arkham City: Doctor, TYGER Guards, Cop
Batman: Arkham Origins: James Gordon
Henry Moss
Olivia d'Abo Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: Star Sapphire Melanie Walker, Star Sapphire, Morgaine Le Fay
Michael Rosenbaum Batman: Arkham Knight: Johnny Charisma Flash
Peter MacNicol Batman: Arkham City: Mad Hatter
Batman: Arkham Origins: Mad Hatter
Batman: Arkham Knight: Mad Hatter
Phil LaMarr Injustice 2: John Stewart, Aquaman Static, John Stewart
Robert Costanzo Batman: Arkham Origins: Harvey Bullock Harvey Bullock, Rocco
Robert Englund Injustice 2: Scarecrow Felix Faust
Robin Atkin Downes Batman: Arkham Origins: Penguin Enforcer Gentleman Ghost
Roger Rose Batman: Arkham Asylum: Guard William North, Masked Guard #4, Masked Orderly #1
Batman: Arkham City: William North, Officer Strictland
Jaguar Shaman, Wilkes, Lasser
Susan Eisenberg Injustice: Gods Among Us: Wonder Woman
DC Universe Online: Wonder Woman
Injustice 2: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Tara Strong Batman: Arkham City : Harley Quinn
Batman: Arkham Origins : Harley Quinn
Batman: Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn
Injustice 2: Harley Quinn
Batgirl, Queen, Sera
Tasia Valenza Batman: Arkham Asylum: Poison Ivy, Martha Wayne
Batman: Arkham City: Poison Ivy
Batman: Arkham Knight: Poison Ivy
Injustice 2: Poison Ivy
Mariam, Gina, Female Cultist, Female Cop, Servant Girl #1
Vanessa Marshall Injustice 2: Black Canary Lipstick Lady, Paramedic
Wil Wheaton DC Universe Online: Robin Kevin

Role Reprisal

Several of these voice actors reprised their DCAU roles.

Actor/Actress Role Reprised Game
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn Batman: Arkham Asylum
CCH Pounder Amanda Waller Batman: Arkham Origins
Corey Burton Brainiac DC Universe Online
George Newbern Superman Injustice 2
Jennifer Hale Killer Frost Injustice: Gods Among Us
Kevin Conroy Batman, Joe Chill, Thomas Wayne Batman: Arkham Asylum
DC Universe Online
Batman: Arkham City
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Batman: Arkham Knight
Injustice 2
Mark Hamill The Joker Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham City
DC Universe Online
Batman: Arkham Knight
Olivia d'Abo Star Sapphire Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Phil LaMarr John Stewart Injustice 2
Robert Costanzo Harvey Bullock Batman: Arkham Origins
Susan Eisenberg Wonder Woman Injustice: Gods Among Us
DC Universe Online
Injustice 2

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