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The following is a list of actors who have appeared in both the DCAU and in the later series Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Actor/Actress DCAU Role(s) Green Lantern: The Animated Series Role(s)
Brian George Parasite Appa Ali Aspa, M'Ten, LANOS, Brother Warth
Clancy Brown Lex Luthor, Wendell Morgan, Big Time General Zartok
Corey Burton Brainiac, Binko, Vilmos Egans, General Norman,
Istivan Hegedesh, Forager, Sonar
Cleric Loran, Leph
Diedrich Bader Zeta, IU7, Adam Heat Guy Gardner
Dee Bradley Baker Monster, Dante, Woof, Blockbuster, Synthoid, Sunny Jim Larfreeze
Grey DeLisle Dominique De Fleures, Shifter, Downpour, Andrea Donoso Darlene Aya, Bleez, Queen Aga'Po, Lady Catherine
Kurtwood Smith James Bennet Shyir Rev
Jeff Bennett Jack Ryder/The Creeper, H.A.R.D.A.C., Rick Wilson Tomar-Re
John DiMaggio Dreamslayer, Tarmack Kothak
Josh Keaton Young Michael Stromwell Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Jennifer Hale Giganta, Killer Frost, Gsptlsnz, Zatanna, Dora Smithy Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire, Gi'ata
Juliet Landau Tala, Plastique, Rama Kushna Drusa
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins, Al, Kangor Kilowog, Red Lantern Rings, Dulock, Mogo, Skallox
Phil Morris Vandal Savage, General Saint Walker
Rob Paulsen Jay, Lightray Goggan
Robert Englund Felix Faust Myglom
Robin Atkin Downes Gentleman Ghost Gil Broome
Ron Perlman Clayface, Orion, Jax-Ur, Heavyman Sinestro
Sarah Douglas Mala, Queen Science Director/Scar
Tara Strong Batgirl, Queen Queen Iolande
Tom Kenny Jonesy, Maury Zilius Zox, Salaak, Byth Rok, Anti-Monitor
Vanessa Marshall Paramedic Galia
Wayne Knight Abnegazar Captain Goray
Will Friedle Terry McGinnis, Weasel, Donnie, Kyle Rayner Ragnar

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