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The following is a list of actors who have appeared in both the DCAU and in the related Warner Brothers series Teen Titans.

Actor/Actress TT Role(s) DCAU Role(s)
Andrea Romano H.I.V.E. Headmistress Adrian Dolan, Mrs. Groote, Joker Junior
Bumper Robinson Hot Spot D-Struct, Slipstream, Royce Axelrod, Chainlink
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Brushogun Sin Tzu
Catherine Cavadini Chrysalis Eater Dr. Mary, Katie
Clancy Brown Trident Lex Luthor, Big Time
Dee Bradley Baker Cinderblock, Gnarrk, Larry, Silkie, Soto, Space Monster, Wildebeest Blockbuster, Dante, Woof
Diane Delano Pantha Stompa
Ed O'Ross Raskov General Olanic, Tobias Manning
Freddy Rodriguez Más y Menos Fade, Tech
Gary Sturgis Trogaar Duke, Ebon, Howard Rubens, Mikey
Glenn Shadix The Brain, Monsieur Mallah Steven Mandragora
Greg Cipes Beast Boy, Adonis, Private H.I.V.E. Jack
Henry Rollins Johnny Rancid Bonk, Mad Stan
Hynden Walch Argent, Blackfire, Madame Rouge, Starfire Ace, Permafrost
James Arnold Taylor Overload,Cash Speedwarp
Jason Marsden Billy Numerous, Red Star Carmen Dillo, Clark Kent (young), Donny Grasso, Earl, Edwin Alva Jr., Gear, Owen, Snapper Carr, Spunky Spencer
Jeff Bennett Armadillo Guy Creeper, H.A.R.D.A.C., 2-D Man
Jim Cummings Master of Games Tygrus
John DiMaggio Brother Blood Dreamslayer, Tarmack
Keith David Atlas Despero
Keith Szarabajka Trigon Bracelet Kobra, Krick
Keone Young Katarou Dr. Ho, Mr. Lee, Arthur Chin
Kevin Michael Richardson See-More, Mammoth, Trigon Various
Khary Payton Cyborg, Herald Ten
Kimberly Brooks Sarasim Kathy Duquesne, Mrs. Saunders, Puff, Madelyn Spaulding
Lauren Tom Jinx, Gizmo Angela Chen, Dana Tan, Dr. Light, Kai-Ro
Malcolm McDowell Mad Mod Arkady Duvall, Metallo
Marc Worden Killer Moth Parasite II, Scab, Slam, Jody, Coe
Michael Clarke Duncan Krall Rashid Randall
Michael Rosenbaum Kid Flash The Flash, Terminal, Wendell, Ollie, Ghoul, Agent West, Deadshot, Colonel Josef, Doctor Polaris
Mike Erwin Speedy Speedy
Peter Onorati Robotman Warhawk, Blake, Ozzie
Rino Romano Kai Kidnapper
Rob Paulsen Newfu Lightray, Raven, Jay
Rodger Bumpass Doctor Light Hoffman, Cop, Sub Captain
Ron Perlman Slade Driller, Clayface, Jax-Ur, Heavyman, Orion
Scott Menville Red X, Robin King, Kenny Braverman, Trouble
S. Scott Bullock Thunder Captain
Stephen Root Val-Yor Catman, Reverend Howell
T'Keyah Keymah Bumblebee Nails, Makeba
Takayo Fischer Chu-Hui Kairi Tanaga, Mairzey
Tara Strong Jinx, Gizmo, Kitten, Kole, Raven, Teether Batgirl, Queen, Sera
Tom Kenny Mumbo Jumbo Bogg
Tony Jay Narrator Sul-Van
Tracey Walter Puppet King Mophir
Tress MacNeille Horror movie actress Various
Virginia Madsen Arella Roulette
Will Friedle Fang, Frozen Prom boy Batman (Terry McGinnis), Kyle Rayner
Wil Wheaton Aqualad Kevin
Xander Berkeley Mento, General Immortus, Warp Corey Mills, Dr. Childes, General Brak

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