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The following is a list of voice actors who have appeared in both the DCAU and in the Disney animated series Gargoyles.

Actor/Actress Role(s) DCAU Role(s)
Bill Fagerbakke Broadway Payback, Howard Lewis
Bruce Locke Yama Mr. Liu
CCH Pounder Coldfire/Desdemona Newscaster, Mayor of Dakota, Amanda Waller, Juice
Charity James Ekidna Roxy Rocket
Clancy Brown Hakon, Wolf, Tomas Brod Lex Luthor, Big Time, Sheriff Morgan
Clyde Kusatsu Kai, Dr. Arnada Wrestling Coach, Mr. Tan, Jimmy Lin, Mr. Fong, Japanese Ambassador
Cree Summer Hyena Rainsong, Ice Maiden #2, Maxine Gibson, Radio Singer
David Warner The Archmage Ra's al Ghul
Diedrich Bader Jason Canmore Zeta
Dorian Harewood Boreas, Talos Dan Riley, Ron Troupe, Judge, Warden, Armory
Ed Gilbert Captain of the Guard University Guard, Photographer
Ed Asner Hudson Roland Daggett, Granny Goodness, Hephaestus
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Mace Malone Alfred Pennyworth, Norman, Frankie
Gregg Berger Leo Vincent Starkey, various
Gregg Rainwater Natisilane, Coyote Trickster Long Shadow
Haunani Minn Sora, Female Reporter Dr. Lee, E.R. Doctor, Mrs. Kim
Hector Elizondo Zafiro Sheldon Fallbrook, Bane, Kragger
Ian Buchanan Constantine Abel Cuvier, Ultra-Humanite, Connor
Jeff Bennett Brooklyn, The Magus, Owen Burnett H.A.R.D.A.C., 2-D Man, Jack Ryder/The Creeper
Jim Cummings Dingo, Gillecomgain, Gillecomgain's Father, The Matrix Jekko the Clown, Zoo Security Guard, Tygrus, Saunders, Garth
John Rhys-Davies MacBeth Wacklaw Josek, Hades
Kate Mulgrew Anastasia Renard/Titania Red Claw
Kath Soucie Princess Katherine, The Weird Sisters, Ophelia, Maggie Reed Young Boy, La Gata
Keith David Goliath, Morgan, Thailog Despero
Laura San Giacomo Fox Freon
LeVar Burton Anansi, Poacher Hayden Sloane
Matt Frewer Jackal Sidney "The Squid" Debris
Michael Bell Pal Joey, Martin Hacker Airship Captain
Michael Dorn Coldstone/Othello, Taurus Kalibak, Steel, Reverend Anderson, Colonel Lemak
Michael Horse Peter Maza Sky Sentry Operator, Ubu
Nichelle Nichols Diane Maza Thoth Khepera
Pat Fraley Brendan, Jogger Bat-Mite, Jest
Paul Winfield Jeffrey Robbins Earl Cooper, District Attorney Sam Young
Peter Scolari Preston Vogel Gunther Hardwicke/The Shark, John Hamner
Rob Paulsen Helios, Quarryman Robert Jay, Lightray
Roddy McDowall Proteus The Mad Hatter
Sarah Douglas Una Mala, Queen
Scott Cleverdon Rory Dugan/Cuchullain, Jon Canmore Thomas Blake, Jack
Thomas F. Wilson Matt Bluestone Tony Zucco, Joey, Howlin' Jake
Tim Curry Dr. Anton Sevarius Mutro Botha
Tony Jay Anubis Sul-Van
Tress MacNeille Margot Yale Various
Victor Brandt Rabbi Lowe Emil Hamilton
William Morgan Sheppard King Kenneth, Odin, Petros Xanatos, Radar Merlin
Xander Berkeley Coldsteel/Iago Corey Mills, Dr. Childes, General Brak

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