Throughout the DCAU, several people and places have been named after artists in DC Comics' rich history, and also after the production crew itself.

Artist Episode Comment
Batman: The Animated Series
Frank Paur "The Forgotten" Henchman Paur.
Norm Breyfogle "The Clock King" 362 Breyfogle, Temple Fugate's address.
Keith Weesner "Weezner Street". Weesner was a conceptual artist and background painter.
Bill Finger "Appointment in Crime Alley" In the Park Row street name "Finger Street".
John Broome In the Park Row street name "Broome Street".
Bruce Timm As a neighbor of Leslie Thompkins.
Eric Radomski
Haven Alexander
Nicole Pouliot
Spectrum Animation Co. "Beware the Gray Ghost" Spectrum, the studio that made "The Gray Ghost"
Haven Alexander Simon Trent's neighbor "Haven Alex"
Nicole Pouliot Simon Trent's neighbor "Nicole Pole"
Bruce Timm Simon Trent's neighbor "Bruce T. Rad[omski]"
Eric Radomski
Dick Sebast "Moon of the Wolf" "Sebast Construction".
Diane Duane "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" As a patient of Hugo Strange, seen on a video tape. Most are designers or storyboard artists.
Felipe Morrell
John Morris
Randy Rogel
Dan Riba
Wayne Schulz
Dexter Smith
Jeff Snow
Rex Irvine
Jonathan Fisher
Romeo Francisco
Trish Burgio
Kaci Jeter
Anne Luiting "Paging the Crime Doctor" As medical student Anne Luitina. Luiting was an executive producer on the show.
Frank Paur "Birds of a Feather" "Paur Street"
Steve Englehart "Englehart Street"
Mike W. Barr "Barr Street"
Neal Adams "I Am the Night" As a street: "the corner of Adams and O'Neil"
Dennis O'Neil
Nicole Pouliot Pouliot Street Station
Bruce Timm "Moon of the Wolf" In a newspaper byline.
Nicole Pouliot "Terror in the Sky" Pouliot Street Station
Eric Radomski "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" In Edward Nygma's crossword puzzle
Dennis O'Neil Batman: Mask of the Phantasm "O'Neil Funding Corp.", a dummy corporation.
Neal Adams "Adam's Tool and Die", a dummy corporation.
Kelley Puckett "Puckett & Peterson", a dummy corporation. Puckett and Peterson worked on The Batman Adventures.
Scott Peterson
Eric Radomski In a newspaper article.
Superman: The Animated Series
Joe Shuster "Fun and Games" As a street name; "3rd and Shuster".
Jerry Siegel "Mxyzpixilated" As one of the creators of the Mxyzptlk comic.
Joe Shuster
Paul Dini As the star of the comic "Dini the Meanie".
Joe Sinnott "Apokolips... Now!, Part I" Sinnott Air Base. Sinnott was an inker in the Fourth World series.
Dick Ayers Ayers Island Nuclear Power Plant. Though Ayers did not work on many DC series, he did ink on many of Kirby's Charlton and Marvel issues.
Frank Giacoia "Apokolips... Now!, Part II" A police officer. Giacoia was an inker in the Fourth World series.
Mike Royer A police officer. Royer was an inker in the Fourth World series.
Vince Colletta A police officer. Colletta was an inker in the Fourth World series.
Mike Fleischer or
Max Fleischer
"Little Girl Lost" "Fleischer's Comet".
Gil Kane "In Brightest Day..." "Gil's Ristorante". Kane co-created Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
John Broome "Broome Lake", possibly also influenced by Groom Lake. Broome co-created Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
The New Batman Adventures
Kevin Altieri "Holiday Knights" As football player Altieri.
Bruce Timm "Love is a Croc" In the Picture News.
Ted Blackman In the Picture News. Blackman worked as a background designer on several DCAU shows.
Jack Kirby "The Demon Within" The Kirby Cake Company. Kirby created Etrigan.
Glen Murakami "Mean Seasons" "Murakami Motors", seen at the auto show.
Paul Dini "Dini", seen at the auto show.
Dan Riba "Riba", seen at the auto show.
Steve Ditko "Beware the Creeper" Ditko's Vintage Clothing. Ditko created the Creeper.
Batman Beyond
Pat McEown "Hidden Agenda" Student Patrick McEown. McEown worked as a background designer on several DCAU shows.
Ken Dampier Student Ken Dampier. Dampier worked as a background designer on several DCAU shows.
Ted Blackman Student Ted Blackman.
John Broome Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker 691 Broome Street, the Jolly Jack Candy Factory.
Static Shock
Denys Cowan "The Breed" "Cowan Street". Cowan is a co-creator of Static.
Scott Jeralds "Child's Play" In the Community Center's computer files.
Denny O'Neil "Winds of Change" Comics artist Denny Miller.
Frank Miller
Denys Cowan "The Parent Trap" Cowan Chemical Plant.
Denys Cowan "Army of Darkness" "Cowan Street".
Swinton O. Scott III "Swinton Street". Scott is a producer of the show.
Chuck Drost "Wet and Wild" On a standee, the artist "Lil' Blue Eyes" Drost.
Justice League
Gardner Fox "Paradise Lost, Part I" Hurricane Gardner.
Michael Goguen "Secret Society, Part I" "Goguen's Emporium" in the Justice League's western practice village.
Ted Blackman "Ted's Diner" in the Justice League's western practice village.
Justice League Unlimited
C. C. Beck "Clash" C.C. Binder Elementary School, Billy Batson's school.
Otto Binder
Al Plastino "Question Authority" Plastino Street Station.
Gardner Fox "Shadow of the Hawk" Joseph Gardner.

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