Lobo: Webseries episode
Al's Diner
"Lobo Is a Four Letter Word"
Airdate: July, 2000
Production Number: 01
Airdate Order: 01
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"Lobo Is a Four Letter Word" is the first of a five part story. This episode, running just over two and a half minutes, sets the stage for the story, and naturally throws in some gratuitous violence to keep the traditional Lobo feel.


Darlene serving

Darlene serving Sunny Jim.

At a grungy inter-galactic truck stop, a mysterious man behind a newspaper is chatting to the waitress who keeps plying him with coffee. He mentions how the place is so horrible and only low lives and Lobo can be found there. She's curious; why mention Lobo, and why say he's bad when really he's a good boy. The man tells her the truth about Lobo: he made a bet to sleep with someone before Sunny Jim (who is revealed to be the man behind the paper) and what's more, Lobo cut up his face to ensure that himself victorious. The waitress – Darlene – doesn't buy it, until Sunny Jim tells her she is the object of the bet, and proceeds to drag her away against her will.

Jim subdues Darlene

Sunny Jim knocking out Darlene.

Elsewhere, Lobo is making his way across town, but gets a little delayed: first, taking off the head of a complaining exerciser, and then pulling a shuttle driver from his vehicle and throwing him down onto a spire (and allowing the shuttle full of lawyers to plummet to their deaths). Once he arrives at Al's Diner, he discovers that Sunny Jim is gassing the poor girl, and he objects to such an easy victory, then proceeds to launch two missiles at him. They miss, and instead take out Al's Diner. Sunny Jim then pulls out a laser bazooka and blows apart Lobo's hog.

Lobo crashes down

Lobo crashing down.

Sunny Jim doesn't hang around after that, and high tails it out of there. Lobo tries to give chase by launching his hook and grabbing onto his car like a grappling hook, but it gets blasted with a laser, sending Lobo face first into the ground below. Lobo vows vengeance.

Background information

Production notes

  • This Flash file also contains a very archaic game in which you launch rockets along a grid pattern at passing Sunny Jim 'smiley' faces.


Darlene: Get your hands off me!
Sunny Jim: I get that a lot nowadays.

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