Lucy Lane
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Sam Lane (father)
Lois Lane (sister)
Voiced by: Aria Curzon

Lucy Lane was the younger sister of Lois Lane.


Lucy grew up in a loving home, where she and her sister often played with Titano, a test subject for the Air Force. Lois and Lucy did not like the thought of Titano being sent into space, with Lois even going as far as suggesting to send Lucy instead.

Lucy would later occasionally visit her sister, though she made a habit of staying much longer than Lois would want much to Lois's dismay.

Background information

Lucy Lane first appeared in the comics in 1959, as an semi-regular love interest for Jimmy Olsen. Lucy briefly dates him, but eventually marries Ron Troupe. In recent years, Lucy has become Superwoman.

Appearances and references

Superman: The Animated Series

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