Species: Human
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Chuck Sirianni (husband)
Affiliations: Blackhawks
Voiced by: Takayo Fischer

Mairzey was the wife of Chuck Sirianni, a former Blackhawk.


After World War II, Chuck and Mairzey settled for a peaceful life on a farm somewhere in America. Chuck still kept his old foot locker in the attic, and Mairzey was the first one to notice it beeping - a signal that the intruder alarms on Blackhawk Island had been tripped by the Legion of Doom.

After informing the Justice League of the break-in, Chuck prepared to fly out to assist them. To his surprise, Mairzey did not quarrel with his decision, but simply handed him his old flight jacket, advising him that it could get cold where he was going.

Background Information

Quan Shee "Mairzey" Keng, like the character of Chuck Sirianni, was created by Howard Chaykin in 1987, for his revamp of the original Blackhawk team. In the comics, she is Malaysian in origin, and also married to Chuck.


Justice League Unlimited

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