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Species: New God
Eyes: Black
Base: Apokolips
Affiliations: Virman Vundabar
Rogue of: Justice League
Abilities: Super-strength and durability, gliding, energy blasts
Voiced by: J.K. Simmons (uncredited)

Mantis was a soldier from Apokolips.


During Apokolips' civil war, Mantis left the planet for Earth, thinking it would be an easier target. He attempted to conquer Metropolis, but Superman and Captain Atom arrived to stop him. After a fierce battle, Superman activated Mantis' Mother Box and Captain Atom blasted him into the resulting boom tube. Superman destroyed his Mother Box, leaving Mantis with no means to return.

Later, Mantis joined Virman Vundabar's side of the war, against the forces of Granny Goodness. When Darkseid returned from the dead, Mantis assumed his loyalty towards him.

Background information

Mantis was originally a Bug from New Genesis who pledged loyalty to Darkseid in exchange for great power. Darkseid gave Mantis incredible power, making him the second most powerful being on Apokolips. Mantis has a long history of intrigue against Darkseid, who has consistently put down his rebellions.


Justice League Unlimited

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