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  • Bio Hi. I'm Tupka, one of the admins here on the DC Wiki, and more or less in charge of the discussions on this app.
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  • Hi Tupka217. I just got a notification saying that I was blocked out of DC Database shown below. Is there any way I could come back into the site?

      Reason given: Abusing multiple accounts
      Start of block: 19:05, February 21, 2018
      Expiry of block: infinite
      Intended blockee: BossAinz929
      Block ID: #3154
      Current IP address:
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  • Before I'd edit the Gorilla Grodd archive page, Grodd is a Superanimal/Meta-Animal/Enhanced Animal/Superpowered Animal, an animal that possesses superpowers. You are free to share what you think to see if this can be accepted for both this and the DC Database Wikis.

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  • Hi! I want to ask who is the creator of this wikia. If it's you, can you tell me if there is some monthly fee? I also want to create one and if it's totally for free, I'll do it.

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    • Creating a wiki is free. However, make sure you don't create something on a topic that already exists.

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    • OK, thanks. It will be about Bulgarian voice over actors, so it will be one of a kind. Something else - can I be the only one who can edit/add stuff? And can my wikia be shut down somehow by a someone else. Because it will be full of precious info and if I don't store it on my computer too, it will be a total waste of time.

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    • Breaking it down:

      • The wiki motto (in general) is "Anyone can edit", and that means "Anyone should be able to edit". You can lock out anonymous editing and protect important pages (like the main page), but you cannot lock it for everyone. Mass protect - setting the protection level of every page to Admin only - is a Terms of Use violation and could get you in trouble.
      • However, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Especially if you have a non-English site (bg. in your case?), on a niche topic, you won't be flooded with people. Most international wikis are a one or two person operation. The Dutch DC wiki is now 1,5 years old and I'm still the only contributor.
      • Wikis can be closed, via this form. But it's not a button switch job. Most requests are malicious, and even requests from admins get ignored if the topic is still viable. A Terms of Use violation is a reason for closure, but this is rare, exceptional, and only really a last resort. Inactivity can also lead to closure, but I'm not sure on the rules. It used to be only for really small onbviously abandoned trash wikis with like 3 pages. But if you have actual content, they keep it in place.
      • It's not in FANDOM/Wikia's best interest to delete wikis. Every wiki is a place for them to put ads on.

      For more questions, take a look at the Help section. If you have any more questions, you can ask them on the forums on Community Central. That's the proper place for these kind of questions. I'm active there too, but more people can help when I can't.

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    • Thank you very much! If I have more question, I'll ask in the forum. :)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Hi, did you ar the administrator of this Wiki? I'm new.... how I can help here?

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  • Hello Tupka217, you have information more interesting :). I read in the topic: Return of The Joker's placement as per Bruce Timm

    "Producer Bruce Timm has reportedly stated that the events in the flashback take place "at the end" of the current DCAU timeline ― i.e., after the events chronicled in Justice League Unlimited ("Destroyer") and before the events of Batman Beyond ("Rebirth"). It has been suggested that the traumatic event caused Batman to sever his ties not only with his immediate partners, but also with Superman and the Justice League."

    You said: Fairly sure it was the RotJ audio commentary.

    I have the first DVD of the movie. Do you know in wich minute of the audio commentary, Bruce Timm said about the timeline of the flashback?. If the DVD is from age 2000 and the JLU Destroyer episode is from 2006, how Bruce Timm said that in the 2000? Or you mean a new version of DVD?

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  • Hi Tupka,

    I saw that you deleted my Super Friends actors page. However, I agree with you, because I didn't knew that Filmation and Hanna-Barbera created different Super Friends installments. I thought that if it was a Super Friends series, it was made by the same company. But I didn't knew why you deleted my Injustice: Gods Among Us page, because I know that it isn't part of the DCAU, I didn't put that it was canon...?

    But the main question is this. There could be pages of DCAU voice actors in Tiny Toons Adventures and Marvel Comics based series. I'm sure that you will say that we will need to just compare TV show of DC Comics, but here are my reasons. Tiny Toons was produced around the same time of Batman: The Animated Series, and its voice cast was under the wonderful Andrea Romano's supervision, so it could be possible a page? And Marvel because although both publishers are rivals, many of the cast members of the DCAU have worked in some series for Marvel, like in the case of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, or in the case of the 1990s Spider-Man series, in which Mark Hamill voiced Hobgoblin. It's just a possibility, but know that I saw, a Tiny Toons page would be better than a Marvel one...

    Greetings and Vrolijk Kerstfeest :)!

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    • Tupka217 wrote: Yeah, those two can go as far as I'm concerned. Go the same way as Star Trek.

      Yeah, I also thought that those pages can be deleted. Just DC or Warner Bros. connections (maybe in the future, :). But a question, how we can delete pages? I didn't found the option to delete the Buffyverse page. Maybe you are the only one that can deleted it?


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    • Only admins can delete pages.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Dear Tupka,

    I was editing the pages of the members (sans Buzz Bronski) of the Valestra mob and their legacy as they appeared in Jack Ryder's Joker: The Madness Behind The Laughter documentary. However, when editing the Arthur Reeves' page, I found that as I saw in the Carl Beaumont's page, he appears in the photograph, but Reeves went to work with Valestra after Carl's departure to Europe. So, in some way, Beaumont couldn't have appeared in a photo with Reeves. Alternatively, Reeves could have accompanied Beaumont during one of his reunions with the mob, but there is no confirmation about this.

    So my question is, who user put that Carl appears in the photograph? Probably he appears, but it could also be possible that the man who seems to be Beaumont in the photo is probably Old Sally "The Wheezer" Valestra....


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  • Hi Dear Tupka,

    After your advise, I'm starting to improve my English. I never concluded that my English wasn't good for a person who wants to travel to the U.S., so I have started to take English classes since time ago. I have had recently the PET Exam of the University of Cambridge. I hope to have approved!

    But the matter is this. Previously, I wanted to create the page of Legion mutiny, the mutiny against Lex Luthor leaded by Gorilla Grodd to recover the control of the Legion of Doom. However, you mentioned that information about the mutiny was better covered in the Legion of Doom page. However, the Thanagarian invasion has its own page, although it could fit also in the Thanagarian page. I could start a page of the Legion mutiny?

    Thank you and greetings,

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  • I know that it is very unlikely he survived, but it is still a possibility. So I said on his article that he is presumed to have died. Is that okay?

    P.S. On the Bloodsport page, it said presumed to have died as well.

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  • but if it's not too much trouble, whenever you see me doing something wrong, could you tell me? Thanks!

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