Real name: Miranda
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Boom (brother)
unnamed mother (deceased)
unnamed father (deceased)
unknown grandmother
Base: Dakota
Abilities: Photokinetic powers
Voiced by: Gavin Turek

Mirage real name Miranda, was a Bang Baby.


When she and her brother stepped into a spill from the Big Bang, Miranda got the power to make illusions. She was forced by her brother Boom into a life of theft.

When Static found out about them, Miranda explained that her brother was different and needed help. However she finally realized that her brother had gone insane from being a bang baby after he broke a promise that he wouldn't hurt anyone during their last heist, she turned on him and helped Static defeat him. After she was taken by child services she created illusion of him to convince his sister Sharon, who began to suspect him and Static were the same person, that he is not Static.


Static Shock

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