Miranda Kane
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Affiliations: Haley's Circus
Weaponry: Whip
Voiced by: Jane Wiedlin

Miranda Kane was an animal tamer at Haley's Circus.


Miranda grew up in the circus with Dick Grayson, whom she addressed as "Dickie". After her parents retired to Sarasota, she took over the show on her own.

Upon the Circus' return to Gotham City, she was reunited with Dick. Mysterious robberies by her animals—gorilla Peaches and bears Dolly and Polly—got her in the middle of a police investigation, and she was eager to find out who really was behind the robberies.

Miranda staked out the bear's pen at night, and caught the clown handling them. She confronted him, and he revealed himself as the Mad Hatter. He used the snake to capture her, and used his new mind control methods on her.

Hatter then locked her in the lion's cage to lure Batman. After Batman and Nightwing saved her, she led them straight for Jervis Tetch. While the Hatter basked in his victory, Miranda took on Nightwing, but the Mad Hatter laughed too soon: in Batman's fight with the circus' fire breather, a stray flame hit the mind control hat. The sudden lack of control rendered all of Hatter's puppets motionless for a moment, enough for Nightwing to throw a net over them.

With Mad Hatter's hat destroyed, Miranda returned to her senses. At the request of Dick, Tim Drake helped her out for the rest of the week.


The New Batman Adventures

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