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Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Relatives: none
Affiliations: Metropolis
Rogue of: Justice League
Abilities: Sorcery
Not to be confused with Mordred.

Mordru was a powerful sorcerer that went on a rampage in Metropolis, but was thwarted by the full might of the Justice League.


J'onn J'onzz said he had never sensed such powerful magic in one person. The entire Justice League was mobilized to stop Mordru, and the fight lasted several hours. Fortunately, Elongated Man devised a plan and Mordru was defeated.

Background information

Mordru was a prominent Lord of Chaos that was an enemy to Dr. Fate's lord and master, Nabu, the prominent Lord of Order. Among being the powerful supreme master of Chaos, Mordru also was the most powerful enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Justice League Unlimited

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