Mrs. Saunders
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Central City
Affiliations: Central City Orphanage
Voiced by: Kimberly Brooks

Mrs. Saunders runs the Central City Orphanage.


As part of the Christmas celebration in her orphanage, Mrs. Saunders called in the help of the Flash every year. The Scarlet Speedster was more than willing to help, and brought the kids a present every year. Mrs. Saunders appreciated the effort, but was skeptical when the kids asked for a D.J. Rubber Ducky doll. She informed Flash that the toy was so popular, it was sold out everywhere.

Flash, and his helper, did eventually bring back a Rubber Ducky doll, though the Humanite had changed its usual rap and flatulence into a narration of The Nutcracker.


Justice League

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