Species: Human
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black
Base: Malibu Island
Affiliations: Bogg
Voiced by: Garland Whitt

Nub was one of Bogg's cronies.


Nub joined Bogg in his job to scare Wade Pennington, but the gang was surprised to see the rich kid receive help in the form of Zeta and Ro. The duo took down his buddies, but Nub stayed on his bike. He collected Bogg, whose bike had been destroyed, and they made their escape.

At their hideout, the old Surfside Repairs Garage, Nub and Pudge joked around while Bogg tried to fix his bike. Zeta and Ro showed up, suspecting them of kidnapping Wade. Nub did not take kindly to the intrusion, and swung a wrench at the intruder. It failed, and as Nub studied the bent wrench, Zeta threw him into Pudge. Pinned down against a wall, they watched Bogg take on the synthoid with a welding torch. The torch ignited oil, and the fire inched towards stored power cells. Nub and Pudge ran out of the building, and made it in time. It exploded behind them.


The Zeta Project

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