Icthultu, the most powerful Old One.

"The Old Ones nearly destroyed humanity as they prepared the way for the most powerful of their number, the Great Icthultu."
Dr. Fate

The Old Ones were a group of extra-dimensional entities.


Mightiest among the Old Ones was Icthultu. Due to their appearance and power, they were often regarded as deities whenever they crossed dimensions. So too for the Thanagarians. The Old Ones fed on the worship and sacrifice, but eventually, the Thanagarians rejected them and moved on.

The Old Ones were indirectly responsible for the sinking of Atlantis. They did not get worship from the Atlanteans, thus battle ensued. The Atlanteans were losing ground, until their king, Poseidon, gathered all the ambient mystical power on the planet to forge a magical trident. The Old Ones were cast back to their own dimension. The loss of the magic around Atlantis doomed it: it sank beneath the waves.

Icthultu returned once more to plague Atlantis. Now, with help from Doctor Fate, Solomon Grundy and the Justice League, the Aquaman repelled them. Icthultu was killed, the others retreated.


Justice League

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