Real name: Dr. Karen Roberts
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Alva Industries (formerly)
Rogue of: Static
Abilities: Mastery over all computers, flight
Voiced by: Wendie Malick

With the help of Project Omni, Dr. Karen Roberts became Omnara.


Short of funding, Dr. Roberts became an employee of Edwin Alva. She built the largest data gathering network of the world for him, so he could find Static's secret identity. However, when Alva's son was healed, and Alva's grudge against the hero disappeared, she was shut down. Alva planned to transfer her to another division. Refusing to work on anything else before she received funding for her own project, she was fired from her job.

As Alva left, her computers found Static's secret identity: Virgil Hawkins. She decided not to inform Alva; instead, she hired Puff and Onyx to kidnap Virgil's father. She used him to blackmail Static into stealing Project Omni, which was still stored at Alva Industries. Static stole it from a locker at the compound, and hijacked the last crate from a convoy heading out of town. Reunited with her life's work, she became the link between humans and computers.

As she started the program, Gear arrived and he and Static broke loose. Gear had created a countervirus that should disable the worm Omnara used to gain access to all computers. Just after Omnara's transformation was complete, Gear uploaded the virus. She found him, but was too late to blast him. The virus was installed, but not yet uploaded. Static, who had saved his father, took Gear and the trio fled. Omnara gave chase, eventually leading to Dakota's main square. She boasted her mastery over technology to him, and to demonstrate, she hijacked missiles and aimed them at Alva's properties. Static and Gear took out the missiles, but after they succeeded, Omnara used cars to try and run them over.

With the cars feet away from Static, Gear and Robert, the counter-virus kicked in. Omnara was overloaded and immobilized. The police carted her off as she tried desperately to interface with Omni.


Static Shock

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