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Phil Morris (born April 4, 1959 in Iowa City, Iowa) is an African-American film and television actor. Probably his best-known role is as lawyer Jackie Chiles (bearing a strong resemblance to the late Johnnie Cochrane) on the television series Seinfeld.

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Static Shock

Justice League


A prolific voice actor, Morris has also voiced roles on The PJ's, Kim Possible, and Danny Phantom.

A huge comic book fan, Morris was already familiar with the character of Vandal Savage when he auditioned for the part.

In addition, Morris plays the Martian Manhunter on the live-action series Smallville, and the role of Special Agent King Faraday in the DC original movie Justice League: The New Frontier.

In Justice League: Doom, Morris reprises his role as Vandal Savage who brings together a group of villains to take down the Justice League as the Legion Of Doom.

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