Static Shock episode
"Pop's Girlfriend"
Airdate: March 9th, 2002
Production Number: 20
Airdate Order: 20
Animation Services by: Tama Production Co., LTD.
Written by: Christopher Simmons
Directed by: Denys Cowan
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"Pop's Girlfriend" is the seventh episode of the second season of Static Shock. It originally aired March 9, 2002.


On a subway train, two rebellious boys—Royce and Frankie—steal a briefcase from an Alva Industries courier. In it, they find vials of Quantum Vapor. They quickly put it away when a cop car passes by. That same cop car stops Virgil while he's on his way home from school. The officer wants to see what's in Virgil's backpack, which contains Static's clothes. They are looking for the stolen briefcase. Panicked, he makes a run for it.

Later that same day, Virgil's father wants them to meet his new girlfriend, Trina. It turns out that Trina was the same cop who Virgil ran away from. After an argument with Virgil about running away from the police, Virgil's dad explodes with anger and grounds Virgil until further notice. At school, Royce and Frankie are in the computer lab and are looking up information on the gas. Royce smells some of it and a little spills on the floor without noticing.

After school, Trina picks up Virgil and they go to Burger Fool, where they have a little chat. She tells him about the stolen vials and, since it is an altered form, that it will explode within 24 hours. He gets angry and walks away. At home, he overhears Trina saying she doesn't want to be in the way of Robert and his kids. Then Richie calls Virgil telling him there's a "bug problem" at school, despite the fact that Virgil is grounded. Static arrives and defeats the mutated cockroach and spider. They mutated because they were exposed to the gas Royce had spilled earlier. Later that same day during a math exam, Royce mutates into a super strong being. Virgil calls Trina, telling her that the bang baby gas is at school. She and her partner show up and try to stop him, but can't. After a while, Static finally defeats him. Afterward, Robert and Trina can finally get back together after Royce is finally arrested and Virgil is still grounded.


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Production notes


  • It seems Virgil has no problem with his dad finding a new love. The only problem Virgil had with Trina was that she got him in trouble. However, Sharon does or did have a problem with her dad dating.


Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins
Michele Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Nestor Carbonell Kim Garcia
Dennis Haysbert Chief Barnsdale
Rel Hunt Frankie D'Amico
Sheryl Lee Ralph Trina Jessup
Bumper Robinson Royce Axelrod

Uncredited appearances


Frankie: (upon seeing purple smoke coming from the briefcase) Holy Cannoli!
Royce: Yeah. What you said.

Richie: Ah, I can see the yearbook now. ‘Royce Axelrod: Most likely to be sent upstate'.

Frankie: (after Royce puts the briefcase with the Quantum Vapor in a locker) You think it's safe to stash that here?
Royce: Shut it, Frankie. You know I can't keep it at home. Ever since that shoplifting thing, my mom's been on the lookout for stuff that don't belong to me.

Robert: (to Trina) Let me introduce you to my kids. Sharon, this is Trina. (Sharon and Trina shake hands) And this is my son Virgil. (Virgil looks surprised at seeing Trina)
Trina: (to Robert, about Virgil) I believe we've already met.

Robert: Running away from the police?! Now I know I've raised you better than that, Virgil! What you did was not only stupid and dangerous, but completely inexcusable!
Virgil: But Dad—
Robert: Get in your room, now! (door slams)

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