Project Achilles was a military operation funded by Lex Luthor to track down Superman's activities.


Lex Luthor claimed that Project Achilles was founded from the moment Superman first appeared in Metropolis[1] and had been monitoring him ever since. The operation was headed by General Hardcastle, who harbored a distaste for Superman, and turned to Luthor for financing.

When Luthor found out that Superman was missing, he convinced Hardcastle that he was up to something, and advised him to be alert. When Superman laid siege upon Metropolis, Luthor equipped Hardcastle with a Kryptonite warhead missile to deter Superman permanently.[1] The Kryptonian survived, however, and was taken with Supergirl, who was also injured, into a military prison. There, Luthor convinced Hardcastle that the two aliens were too dangerous to be kept alive, so they decided to kill them with a Kryptonite injection. Though, thanks to Lois Lane's timely interference, Superman and Supergirl broke out of prison.[2]

Afterwards, Project Achilles was shut down and Hardcastle was forced into retirement.[3]

Background information

Project Achilles takes its name after Achilles, a Greek mythological hero who was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. During the Trojan War, Achilles was killed by having a poisoned arrow shot into his heel. The term "Achilles' heel" has, since then, come to signify a person's principal weakness. Project Achilles could also arguably have the purpose of uncovering Superman's weaknesses.

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