Superman: The Animated Series

Ralph: Mr. Corben, I hope you don't mind me asking, but after all these months I just gotta know. How do you rate all this?
Corben: Ralph, the trick is to never underestimate the value of a good friend, and always keep your mouth shut.

Superman: How did you do it, Corben? A drug? Some kind of operation?
Corben: Elective surgery. Jealous?

(Corben flashed Superman with the Kryptonite)
Corben: What's the matter, guy? You're looking a little green at the gills.

Corben: I think you are jealous of me, because now I'm the real Man of Steel.

Corben: I can't even feel a kiss... What did they do to me?

Corben: It's all fake. A FRAUD! There's the reality! The metal behind the man! It's all I am now! It's who I am... Metallo.

Metallo: Lois Lane. I'd give you a kiss, if I still had my lips.

Lois: Let go of me, you walking waffle iron!
Metallo: Now, now. Not in front of the children.

Lois: You're never going to get away with this, Corben.
Metallo: Ms. Lane, please! Such clichés! How did you ever win that Pulitzer?

Superman: Metallo!
Metallo: In the flesh!

Metallo: Remember how you left me, Superman? Buried in rock. I couldn't move! I couldn't see! I couldn't hear! But I could think! And all I thought about was how I was going to make you pay! Goodbye, hero.

Metallo: You ought to be paying attention my friend! The tabloids will be all over you! You're about to become famous. The man who watched Superman die!

Metallo: Somebody speak up! Or I'll tear this neighborhood apart! Brick by brick.
Teen: We got nothing to say to you, Robo-butt.

Metallo: Now, where is Superman?!
Teen: Try the planet Krypton!

Metallo: Well, what have we here?
Steel: Call me Steel.
Metallo: Steel? Metallo. (bows) The meeting of the metals! Well then, Mr. Steel, may the best alloy win.

Metallo: Careful. We don't want to damage our collateral just yet.
Tina: Speak for yourself. You didn't have to spend an evening with him.
Metallo: And I thought I was cold-hearted.

Justice League Unlimited

Metallo: At this distance, the Kryptonite cell that powers me would bring your cousin to his knees.
Supergirl: I'm immune to Kryptonite, metal mouth. Give up!
Metallo: If you're immune, love, why do you need that staff?

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