Lobo: Webseries episode
"Repeating Offender"
Production Number: 14
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"Repeating Offender" is the fourteenth and last episode of Lobo: Webseries.


Lobo continues his fight with the serpent that ate Mudboy, and now all his weapons too. He grabs the snake and swings him by his tail until he throws up. Mudboy is free and tries to run, but Lobo catches him. Lobo lets the Snake eat Bo's Space Penguins.

Lobo returns to Fat Whutzat to pick up his SpazzFrag 666, but the repairman won't budge. Lobo blows him up and takes his daughters.

Background information

Production notes

  • The minigame in this webisode involved Lobo killing several of the MBA in a bar.
  • This is the only episode without an interactive segment.


  • The rocket Lobo shoots is labeled "Acme, the Looney Tunes company that sells just about everything.
  • Lobo throws the snake into "Ramona's Bail Bond and Unisex Salon". Ramona was a major player in the Lobo's Back miniseries.
  • The serpent also ate the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.


Actor Role
Kevin Michael Richardson Lobo
Fat Whutzat
Tom Kenny Snake
Space Penguins
Grey DeLisle The Nutcracker Sisters


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"Eat This!"
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''Lobo: Webseries''
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