Reverend Howell
Real name: Amos Howell
Species: Alien
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Unity
Voiced by: Stephen Root

Reverend Howell was the herald of Unity.


Reverend Howell established a foothold for Unity in Smallville. Shortly after arriving, he "converted" Pastor Ross, and with the pastor's trust, all inhabitants soon followed. They gathered in a large tent, where the Unity sucked them dry.

Reverend's power

Howell reveals his true self.

Howell served as the right hand and interpreter to the alien spore, but he would not be its only prophet; he sent out the residents of Smallville to convert all of the country, all of the world—but they did not get far. Supergirl blocked the road, and Superman took on Howell. In the fight, he transformed into the true agent of the Unity—a creature much like its master in powers and appearance.

He held Superman in his grip, but didn't convert him. Supergirl's attacks were in vain and could not free her cousin. He wanted to fuse with the main body of Unity, but Supergirl prevented it. She threw a gas canister at it, and the explosion sufficiently wounded Howell to let Superman escape. He ripped the creature straight in half, but that did not stop the parasite. After more abuse, and the passing of its master, Howell finally fell.


Superman: The Animated Series

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