Rocky Ballantine
Real name: Roxanne Ballantine
AKA: Batwoman
Species: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Kevin (fiancé)
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Batwoman
Wayne Enterprises
Sonia Alcana
Kathy Duquesne
Voiced by: Kelly Ripa
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Dr. Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine was one of the three women who took the persona of Batwoman.


During her youth years, Rocky had attended State Tech University, where she shared a room and befriended Sonia Alcana. Rocky is known to be quite nervous and easily gets overworked and frazzled, she was also known to a bit of whimp as well. Years later, Rocky met and fell in love with Kevin and soon the two were engaged to marry.

However, a week before Rocky Ballantine's wedding, the Penguin framed her fiancé Kevin for smuggling. Enraged, Rocky vowed to take down Penguin and free her lover. She joined with her associates Sonia Alcana and Kathy Duquesne as three women posing as Batwoman to stop the Penguin, but also Rupert Thorne and Carlton Duquesne with whom both Sonia and Kathy held a grudge against.

Shortly after Batwoman made her presence known in Gotham, Rocky was presenting her work at Wayne Enterprises, where she had presented a special metal to the board. Though at first, she had messed up a bit and had almost lost their attention, she was able to regain the board's attention and revealed to them that she was able to make the metal change into any shape she desired with only a few slight touches. Impressed with her work, Bruce and Rocky had dinner together to discuss her work and that a "silent partner" of Bruce's wanted to use the metal. However, the meal was soon cut short, when Bruce had noticed the Bat-signal nearby.

Later, Bruce and Tim had paid a visit to Rocky, where she was able to help Tim with a video game he had difficulty with. Bruce and Rocky then discussed each other's personal lives where Rocky revealed her boyfriend to Bruce and embarrassingly asked if he was seeing anyone special. Bruce denied at first, until they were suddenly interrupted by Kathy, who was able to sneak away from her bodyguards and asked Bruce out on a date. Bruce was distracted by Kathy's arrival until he had snapped back to his senses and introduced Kathy and Rocky, although Rocky was rather nervous and apologized for nothing. Bruce and Kathy then soon left for their date.

Batwoman interrogates Penguin

Rocky as Batwoman interrogates Penguin.

During that night, it was now Rocky's turn to be Batwoman. She donned the suit and went to the Iceberg Lounge and started to interrogate Penguin and, using her new metal, she made him confess as to who they had replaced Carlton with, eventually revealing it to be Bane. However, unaware to Rocky, Penguin was able to send for a few of waitresses to his office, where they fought against her, until she was knocked right into the club where everyone had witnessed her. Batman had soon appeared to help fight off the Penguins goons and during the chaos, Rocky was able to escape.

Later, after Bruce discovered that Kathy wasn't Batwoman, he had moved his suspicions toward Rocky as when Batwoman had attacked the Iceberg Lounge, Bruce as Batman had found a special kind of metal she had left behind. He soon discovered it to be the same metal that Rocky was working on. Despite Bruce's theory, Tim didn't believe that Rocky could be Batwoman.

Kevin warns Rocky

Kevin tries to convince Rocky to stop her plan.

A few nights later, Rocky visited Kevin at Stonegate Penitentiary, telling him that she was close to freeing him and getting the Penguin incarcerated. Kevin (being aware of Rocky's plan), told her that she had to stop spying on the Penguin saying that it was to dangerous even saying that she had to be Supergirl to stand a chance against Penguin and his goons. However, Rocky had tried to reassure him, saying she wasn't the "wimp" she had used to be, Kevin however then told Rocky some heartbreaking news. Having lost hope in ever being freed and not wanting Rocky to waste her life waiting from him, Kevin revealed to her that he didn't want to see her anymore and that if she had some to see him again, he would refused and with that had left Rocky who had broken down into tears.

Soon after Rocky returned to her apartment, she soon realized that someone had entered her home, unaware that it was Batman. Batman and Rocky had a brief fight, until Batman revealed himself. Batman started to interrogate Rocky, asking her of her work and where she was the night Batwoman attacked the Iceberg Lounge, which made her quickly realize that he believed her to be Batwoman. Batman further explained revealing the metal Batwoman had used was the same kind she was working on, her fiancé's wrongful imprisonment and that she fit Batwoman's description. Rocky, growing angry told Batman that instead of investigating her, he should investigate Penguin. Batman had soon left her home, but not before telling her to stop her game, before she got hurt or worse.


Rocky, Kathy and Sonia are Batwoman.

Later at their hideout, Rocky, Kathy and Sonia had met up, with Rocky informing them that Batman was onto her, revealing he knows everything about her. Rocky pointed out that he was going to ruin everything and that she was right about using a new identity to which Kathy agreed. Sonia however, was able to soothe their worries that Batman had no idea of their identity and informed them that their plan was almost completed and that Throne, Penguin and Carlton's plan was going down that very night. Kathy had the responsibility to complete their last mission, both Sonia and Rocky informed her of what to do. Rocky also gave Kathy a special bomb that would completely destroy the cruise ship while also finally taking down Penguin and Throne's operation.

Rocky and Kevin reunited

Rocky and Kevin's happy ending.

Rocky had stayed behind in their hideout to monitor the mission. However, soon after Kathy was captured and Batman had learned of the truth, Rocky had called Sonia, informing her of her worries as the coast guard hadn't alerted to any distressed ship and that Kathy hasn't responded. Seeing they could no longer handle to situation, Rocky and Sonia with Batman and Robin's help, saved Kathy from Thorne and Penguin, captured Penguin and Thorne and arranged the release of Kevin, as he was cleared of all charges.

A few days after the events, Rocky and Kathy had met up again, where Kathy revealed to Rocky that she and her father now have a better relationship as the now begin to talk more and even reveals that he plans to testify against Penguin and Throne. However, Rocky and Kathy would shortly say goodbye, as Kevin was finally freed. Kathy had silently left the two as Rocky and Kevin happily reunited.


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