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Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Meta-Brawl
Rogue of: Black Canary
Green Arrow
Justice League
Abilities: Martial artist
Weaponry: Hair pins
Voiced by: Virginia Madsen

"Let the pain begin!"

Roulette was a conniving entrepreneur who ran an illegal, no-halt, cage fighting league—the Meta-Brawl.



Roulette enlisted super-powered villains to entertain Gotham's elite. She shrewdly used Wildcat's "mid-life crisis" to recruit him in the event. She made good money out of his fights, and for some time he was her biggest attraction. However, all this changed when Black Canary and Green Arrow broke into Meta-Brawl and bailed Wildcat out, leaving Roulette deprived of her biggest attraction and income source.

Glamor Slam

Consequently, Roulette turned to Grodd, who supplied her with contenders from the Legion of Doom in exchange for a cut of the profits. However, when Lex Luthor overthrew Grodd and took over the Legion, Roulette's revenues decreased significantly. So, she sought Luthor for commiseration, and following an argument with a jealously possessive Tala, they came up with a new concept for the Meta-Brawl: Glamor Slam, a no-halt cage fighting tourney in which the main contestants would be female Justice League members.

Roulette set up a new arena in Blüdhaven and, thanks to Grodd's mind controlling technology, enlisted the League's most prominent heroines. Her most valuable attraction was Black Canary, who managed to retain the champion title for some time. However, when Canary broke free of her control thanks to Huntress's meddling, Roulette pitted both of them against the might of Vixen and Shayera. Then, when the latter snapped out of their mind manipulation, Roulette unleashed her secret weapon: a mind-controlled Wonder Woman. While the Amazon princess spread havoc all over the arena, Roulette was confronted by Huntress in a hand-to-hand combat. She revealed herself to be a cunning martial artist, but despite her talents, Roulette was eventually overpowered by Huntress. The Glamor Slam was shut down and Roulette was finally arrested.

Background information

Veronica Sinclair, a.k.a. Roulette, first appeared in JSA Secret Files #2 (September 2001). She ran "The House", an underground Casino for super-villains where mentally-controlled superheroes were compelled to fight each other to death. Roulette was responsible for the death of many superheroes, including most of the members of Hybrid, and Firebrand III. She also abducted seven members of the Justice Society, but that maneuver caused her arena's destruction. Roulette had no powers of her own, but she was endowed with a keen intellect, and surrounded herself with all sorts of security gimmicks, such as death traps and robot security dogs. Roulette is the granddaughter of her namesake Golden Age villainess, who clashed with Mr. Terrific (I) and had an affair with his brother, Ned.


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