Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Ragtag
Rogue of: Static
Abilities: Super speed (temporary)
Voiced by: Philip Tanzini

Run was one of Ragtag's gofers.


"Run", as Ragtag called him, was granted super speed, but in return he had to do his benefactor's bidding. Run didn't mind much, and happily served. Together with the like-minded Jump, they welcomed a third kid into their circle: Richie Foley, who became known as Push. They laughed in pleasure as they saw Push becoming addicted to Ragtag's power.

At the request of Ragtag, the trio was supposed to rob the Museum. But Push got his doubts, and after realizing he had become addicted, deliberately triggered the alarm. Run berated him, and with his super speed easily broke Push' protective force field. The alarm had attracted the attention of Static, who trapped Run to a column with his "Static Cling".

Powers and abilities

Run was named after the power Ragtag gave him: super speed, and all related powers such as protection from friction, enhanced reaction times, and quick thinking. His weakness was that the powers were not his own, and he had to rely on Ragtag. His power also made him overconfident, which became his downfall.


Static Shock

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