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Secret Society

The first incarnation of the Secret Society (sans Clayface).

You may also be looking for the episode "Secret Society"

"We call it a Society. A Secret Society."

The Secret Society was a supervillain team formed to destroy the Justice League.


Gorilla Grodd formed the Secret Society with Giganta (who was fiercely loyal to Grodd), Shade (who was offered the chance by Grodd to be a "master of the world"), Sinestro (who has sworn a blood oath against all Green Lanterns), Killer Frost (who is there simply to kill), and Parasite (who wants Superman's power). Upon its formation, Grodd took pains to encourage a more cohesive organization in order to avoid the infighting of Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang.

Grodd's final recruitment plan was to rescue Clayface from Morgan Edge's mansion. During the mission, Killer Frost murdered Morgan and the Society successfully liberated Clayface. Grodd convinced Clayface to join his team by promising something even better than a "cure" for his condition; Grodd said he could find a way to return Clayface to his true identity of Matt Hagen and still retain his shapeshifting powers (after they destroy the Justice League, of course).

The Secret Society defeated the League in their first battle, thanks to Grodd secretly utilizing his new mental powers to give his team the advantage. Later, it was revealed that Grodd had watched the League via secret spy-cameras for weeks, and manipulated their emotions until the Leaguers started outwardly lashing out at each other and wound up walking away separately and disbanding the League after blaming one another for losing that first battle to the Society.

Having divided them, the Society successfully captured each hero and invaded a football stadium's halftime show to publicly do away with the heroes. The plot was foiled by J'onn J'onzz, who had tricked the villains by impersonating Clayface (while the real Clayface had shapeshifted into J'onn's form and been mistakenly frozen solid by Killer Frost). J'onn freed his teammates, who by now had become aware of Grodd's manipulations. The Society battled the League one last time in full view of the packed stadium, but the League rallied together and soundly defeated the Society, cheered on by thousands of fans. The League came to a mutual understanding with one another, and re-formed on the spot.



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