Selma Reesedale
Species: Human
Hair: Red (brown as a man)
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Gotham Police Department
Voiced by: Jennifer Hale

Selma Reesedale was a detective of the Gotham Police Department's Special Crimes unit.


After hearing a noise in the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault, Detective Reesedale went to investigate. She found Catwoman, and triggered the alarm, but mysteriously vanished before she could do anything else. Catwoman was held accountable for the kidnapping of Detective Reesedale. In this crime's wake, all men in Gotham had disappeared too. Both Catwoman and Batgirl looked into the disappearance of the detective, and discovered the reason behind her disappearance: She was genetically male, so she had disappeared with all the men.

Back in service, the first thing Reesedale did was up the security on the Dangerous Evidence Vault, because everyone managed to get in way too easily. She helped Barbara Gordon with her own investigation, and confessed to her that Commissioner Gordon was the only person who knew her secret. That information would prove vital in Batgirl's investigation, when the Commissioner Gordon she met on the roof was unaware of the secret.

Background information

Selma Reesedale is the only known transgender and/or transsexual in the DCAU.

Production inconsistencies

  • In "Gotham in Pink", it is revealed that Reesedale was phoning her cat when she disappeared. However, no such action is shown in "Ms.-ing in Action".
  • In the news report, Reesedale's name is misspelled "Reesdale".


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