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Species: Metahuman
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Black
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Meta-Breed
Joker's Bang Baby gang (formerly)
Rogue of: Static
Abilities: Generates hard-light weapons
Voiced by: Brian Tochi
Not to be confused with Schiz.

Shiv was a metahuman who could create weapons of light energy from his hands.


Shiv is a Bang-Baby who operates with Ebon and his Meta-Breed, usually opposing the superhero Static. He is somewhat sadistic, and perhaps even borderline-insane, taking a thrill in harming others. At some point, Shiv was recruited within the Joker's Bang Baby group to dispose of Static, Batman and Robin; their plan initially failed. Shiv would go on to attempt to defeat Static persistently, allying himself with the Meta-Breed.

Shiv lost his powers when Dr. Todd's cure was released. He joined the Meta-Breed and other bang babies in regaining their powers, but failed when Hotstreak took the last vial for himself.

Powers and abilities

Shiv had the power to form light energy-based constructs from his hands. He mainly used this ability to form blades and hooks.


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