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Species: Alien
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Base: Oblivion Intergalactic Correctional Facility
Weaponry: Teeth
Voiced by: Tom Kenny

The Snake was a male serpent alien who was a villainous glutton. He also worked as the current owner of Oblivion Intergalactic Correctional Facility.


The Snake ate Mudboy after the Porkan escaped jail and kept eating everything that stood in his way. Lobo came across him and Lobo forced Snake to vomit all his food and Mudboy, because the Porkan is a bounty for ten thousand credits. The Snake was forced to eat the Flying Space Penguins that Lobo found useless.


Ate anything and digested it for six weeks. He also ate the Ten Commandments. He could also eat ninety three combo meals for any meal.


Lobo: Webseries

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