Species: Gorilla
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Black
Base: Gorilla City
Affiliations: Gorilla City police
Abilities: Skilled investigator, hand-to-hand combatant, superhuman strength and agility
Weaponry: Hand pistol
Voiced by: David Ogden Stiers

Solovar was Chief of Security for Gorilla City.


After Grodd's failed attempt to take over the city, Solovar chased him out and eventually tracked him to Central City in the United States, by uncovering Grodd's internet romance with Dr. Sarah Corwin.

The city authorities were alarmed to see a full-grown gorilla running amok in the city, and tried to capture him. Solovar commandeered a car to escape, but was stopped by the Flash and Green Lantern. After Solovar explained the situation to the two Justice Leaguers, the three of them joined forces and tried to apprehend Grodd at a top secret lab, which he had converted into a shield generator of the same kind that protected Gorilla City.

After narrowly escaping a mob of Central City citizens under Grodd's mind control, the three heroes tracked Grodd to a military base, where Grodd launched a quartet of nuclear missiles at Gorilla City. Green Lantern took off to disable the missiles, but Grodd overpowered Solovar. Flash stopped Grodd by tricking him into using his mind control helmet, after Flash had secretly crossed some wires.

Solovar returned to Gorilla City with the rest of the Justice League, and showed them Grodd's holding cell.

Several years later, Solovar tried to lead a defense of the city while it was under attack from the Legion of Doom, putting in a distress call to the League. With their help, his security forces eventually routed Grodd and his supervillains.


Justice League

Justice League Unlimited

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