Lobo's hog in the Watchtower.

The SpazzFrag 666 is a motorcycle-shaped vehicle capable of interstellar travel, provided that its rider can survive the vacuum of space and atmospheric reentry. Over the course of his career, Lobo used several.


Lobo's SpazzFrag 666—or "Hog" as he called it—was a slick ride, doing 0-60 instantaneously, and was capable of a top speed of several million kilometers per minute. It was powered by a 17-liter 3X Turbo engine that ran on unleaded fuel. It responded to Lobo's commands, carried multiple rocket launchers, and had a small storage chamber for additional weapons.

The hog carried him to several adventures, on Earth, Almerac, the Interstellar Managers Planet, Oblivion and countless other places. More than once, he lost his hog; once to Darlene, and once to Fat Whutzat for not paying his bills.


Superman: The Animated Series

Lobo: Webseries

Justice League

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