"Spider" Spinelli
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Base: Metropolis
Affiliations: Intergang
Voiced by: Joe Nipote

"Spider" Spinelli was a member of Intergang.


Spider and his gang completed an armored car robbery for Intergang, but at their hideout, they found the Toyman waiting for them with a bouncing ball. He asked them to deliver a message to Intergang's boss, Bruno Mannheim. Spider and his crew tried to grab him, but the Toyman locked them in with the bounding ball. As the ball picked up speed and one thug went down, Spider and his crew fled back into the armored car. They thought they'd be safe there, but the ball punched holes in the sides. Their screams for help were picked up by Superman, who stopped the ball and flew them out of the hideout. Spider was arrested, but when interviewed by Lois Lane, he denied any connection to Intergang.


Superman: The Animated Series

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