Stanton Vreeland
Stanton Vreeland
Species: Human
Relatives: General Vreeland (son)
Veronica Vreeland (granddaughter)
Bunny Vreeland (great-granddaughter)

"Stanton Vreeland was a playboy sportsman who'd blow away anything that wandered into his gunsight. He had to preserve animals, or he'd have nothing left to shoot."
Selina Kyle

Stanton Vreeland was a famous hunter and wildlife conservationist.


Years after Stanton Vreeland's work on preserving wildlife, his granddaughter Veronica Vreeland dedicated a hall of the new museum to him. It didn't sit well with Selina Kyle, who voiced her discontent over the elder Vreeland's life of hunting animals rather than preserving them.


Batman: The Animated Series

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