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Static Saucer

Static charges the saucer.

The Static Saucer was a disc Static used to carry himself and others through the air.


The Static Saucer was the first invention Richie Foley created for Static. It was made of mylar, a metalized nylon, a material stronger than reinforced steel. It was retracted in half for easy storage, but when Static applied an electric charge, the device unfolded into a saucer. Rather than using random garbage can lids and manhole covers, as he had before, the Static Saucer was always at hand and became his primary mode of transportation. He also learned to use it as a shield, and cut objects at high speed.

The Saucer can carry more than one person; on occasions, Anansi and Daisy Watkins have ridden along with Static.

When Foley manifested enhanced intelligence, one of his first acts was figuring out how to make the Static Saucer fold up smaller.[1]

Decades later, the later model of the Static Saucer was capable of shrinking to microscopic levels, allowing Virgil to use it without storing it into his costume.[2]


Static Shock

Justice League Unlimited


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