Stephanie Lake
Stephanie Lake
Real name: Stephanie Lake
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Wayne-Powers
Affiliations: Wayne-Powers
Voiced by: Linda Hamilton

Stephanie Lake was among the team of scientists working for Derek Powers, seeking a cure for his genetic mutation.


Stephanie Lake had just been recently hired to Wayne-Powers when she boldly interpolated Powers with a groundbreaking suggestion ― using his baseline DNA to build a new body, into which they would transfer his neuro-patterns. However, since Dr. Lake had never put that theory into practice, she decided to test it on someone who also had systemically damaged DNA. She then turned to Mr. Freeze, whose human remains were being kept in the laboratory. She convinced Freeze to undergo that procedure citing a renewed life in a new sane body.

Stephanie Lake and Freeze

Dr. Lake tries to do away with Mister Freeze.

The procedure appeared to be successful at first. Indeed, Victor Fries was able to move about freely and go out into the world without the need for a containment suit. During this time, Dr. Lake started to show a romantic interest in him. However, given her later actions, such romantic feelings may have been really used as a means to manipulate and control him.

Over time, however, Freeze's new body started to revert to its prior state, becoming intolerant to heat. Dr. Lake informed Powers that his body was reverting, and speculated that the cause was a mnemonic agent in his DNA. Powers observed that the only way to be certain was by biopsy Freeze's organs at that stage in order to confirm this and find a way around the problem. Taking this as a suggestion, Dr. Lake locked Mr. Freeze in a room and raised its temperature in an attempt to knock him unconscious. However, Freeze gathered enough strength to break his way out of the lab.

Just as Dr. Lake was reassuring Derek Powers that Mr. Freeze wouldn't come back to settle the score, he laid siege on the building, using a new containment suit. Cornered, Dr. Lake begged Freeze to spare them, but when Powers tried to flee, he froze him anyway, though he broke out using his powers. Then, Dr. Lake claimed they were only trying to help him, to which Freeze replied with the same words she had given him: that there would be some momentary discomfort. He then exacted his revenge on her by freezing her to death, while Lake could do nothing but scream.


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