Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Multigon, Red Claw
Voiced by: Herb Edelman

Stern was the CEO of Multigon International.


Stern stood at the head of Multigon, an international real estate development company. Overpowered by Red Claw and her organization, Stern was turned into her puppet. He used his company to acquire a lot outside Gotham, as well as set up sham plans to build a resort. The plan quickly got the attention—and ire—of Selina Kyle, who had plans to build a mountain lion retreat on the same lot. Red Claw ordered Stern to send an agent to trail her. For the rest of the operation, Stern's job was to simply not get in the way. When the operation fell apart, he was apprehended by the police.


Batman: The Animated Series

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