Steven Carlyle
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Unnamed ex-wife
Kelly Carlyle (daughter)
Chris Carlyle (daughter)
Base: Gotham City
Voiced by: Peter Strauss

Steven Carlyle was a psychologist.


Carlyle was a published psychologist, taught criminal psychology at Gotham State, and served as the liaison between Arkham Asylum's board of directors and the police department. He was married at one point, but he and his wife got divorced and she had gotten custody of their two daughters.

Some time later, Poison Ivy seduced Carlyle and used him to get out of Arkham. She trapped him in the greenhouse behind his residence, and "married" a copy of him. Further, Poison Ivy used her cloning technology and genetic material from Carlyle to create younger versions of the clone, successfully passing them off as her "stepchildren." The real Steven Carlyle had been under heavy sedation in Poison Ivy's greenhouse, and was set free by Batman and Robin.


Batman: The Animated Series