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Superman: Doomsday
Superman Doomsday
Written by Duane Capizzi
Directed by Bruce Timm, Lauren Montgomery, Brandon Vietti
Release date(s) September 18, 2007
Running time 78 minutes

Superman: Doomsday is the first DC Universe Animated Original Movie, featuring the famous duel between Superman and Doomsday. While not part of the larger DC Animated Universe, it was produced by Bruce Timm.

Some DCAU elements can be seen: Superman's lead suit, scuba suit and rocket from Superman: The Animated Series were all seen in the Fortress. The Superman memorial was animated in a nearly identical fashion as in the Justice League episode "Hereafter" and there several parts of the numerous fights that mirror others in the DCAU; such as Superman having a spinning heat vision standoff with his clone the way he did on "Tabula Rasa". Several background characters are reused (but slightly altered) character models, including Don Grasso, Gina, as well as the Spanish lady from "The Terror Beyond".

Several plot elements are also very similar to in the DCAU. First, the story starts with Lois in a relationship with Superman, but not Clark. Second, Lex is assisted by Mercy Graves alone (as opposed to Hope & Mercy as he is in the comics). Lastly, after defeating his clone, Superman speaks with Lois about the people's trust in him in almost exactly the same way they did at the end of "Legacy".

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