Species: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Base: Pennington Estate
Rogue of: Zeta
Voiced by: Adam Baldwin

"He's alright. Useless, but alright."

Sven was the treacherous bodyguard of Wade Pennington.


Sven paid a group of teenagers from a bike shop to harass young Wade while his father was on a business trip, part of a plot to kidnap Wade and hold him for ransom.

Although he had the whole thing planned out in considerable detail, he did not count on Zeta's superhuman abilities. Thanks to the interference of Rosalie Rowan and Zeta, he was foiled and arrested.

Sven possessed above-average physical strength and a keen criminal mind, as he was able to set it up where he gets both the ransom money and bounty money. As befitted a worker on the Pennington Estate, he also appeared to be fairly knowledgeable about robotics, even expressing a genuine interest in Zeta's workings as he tried to kill him.


The Zeta Project

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