Terry's Friend

The synthoid "Cynthia".

Synthoids were a type of android that could take human appearance, either through holograms or by wearing a synthetic skin. They existed in at least the 2030s and by 2041, the private use of them was heavily regulated by the US government; ones that were able to disguise themselves as humans were illegal.[1] Meanwhile, that same government semi-covertly used human-disguised synthoids for infiltrating and killing enemies of the state.[2]

A museum in Grandview City had an exhibit of old synthoid models, referred to in a tour as "experimental synthoid designs".[3] These were humanoid but did not have the ability to pass as humans. In 2041, Bruce Wayne was buying commercially-made synthoids for Terry to train with; they were designed to look like his old villains.[4] Human-passing synthoids were later used as a key tool by the NSA: a large number of them were constantly coming in and out of a NSA debriefing centre.[5] The Zeta Project was a US government project to create a new, smarter model of infiltration synthoid. Eli Selig secretly added a conscience model to Infiltration Unit Zeta. The follow-up droid, Infiltration Unit 7, was far more powerful but lacked Zeta's intelligence.[6]

File:Zeta's wanted poster.jpg

When Zeta first went on the run, most people didn't believe that advanced human-emulating robots existed.[7] Even the police were unaware, with Barbara Gordon having to be informed that they exist - and showing distaste at the thought. An unrepentant Agent Bennet told her "you're not supposed to like it".[8] The terrorist group Brother's Day were aware and believed synthoids were going to take over,[9] while rich, seedy men would buy synthoid women on the black market.[10] During the hunt for Zeta, the NSA put out wanted posters that explicitly said that Zeta was a renegade synthoid that could disguise itself as a human.[11]

The NSA and Selig were working on a next generation of synthoids with regenerative 'flesh'. Brother's Day destroyed the Gnosis sea base in an attempt to stop it,[12] but Selig's assistant Andrea Donoso was, in fact, one of these new synthoid models.[13]

Companies that make commercial synthoids including Synthops.


Batman Beyond

The Zeta Project


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