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Title groupshot

In the first group shot after the title sequence (when the episode title appears on screen) a lot of heroes appear that have no other appearance, even during the speech (which is continuity hell anyway as people continually swap places). While some may be miscolorings, others are not. I'll start in the back, around Etrigan:

  • A figure in a white cape. Can't be Doctor Light, because she's with Huntress.
  • A guy with cyan pants and a navy shirt.
  • A girl with what appears to be a white skirt.
  • The big green bulky one next to Blue Devil. Apparantly, some people (who happen to have access to Wikipedia) think it's Swamp Thing
  • Behind (or, from out pov, before) "Swamp Thing" is a figure with light brown/olive greenish wings. A miscolored (and out-of-place) Hawkgirl, or someone else (Zauriel?)
  • In the centre, there's a couple of troublesome capes. There's a green one, which can't be Doctor Midnite as he's at the top between Flash and Stargirl. The other two appear to be Obsidian and Hourman, but I'm not sure on that.
  • Near the capes: brown overcoat, fedora, next to Commander Steel. Miscolored Question (who's absent from the shot) or someone else? Doctor Occult, perhaps?
  • Between Mister Terrific and Thunderbolt, another cape.
  • Between Thunderbolt and Elongated Man, a black haired woman in a red dress and yellow top.
  • A black stripe (can't quite make it out, maybe it's just a shadow) between Elongated Man and the Ray.
  • Apparently a blonde girl with a dark navy outfit in front of the Atom.
  • A light blue figure before her.
  • A red dot to her (and our) left.

I can't get a good shot of this; it's all very small. There's apparently a pair of legs underneath Doctor Light as well, and maybe something blue in between Commander Steel and Zatanna. Anyone any ideas who these guys are?

No clue. Probably animation errors. ― Thailog 12:17, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

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